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Top up your inspiration levels!

Inspiration fades unless topped up regularly

Inspiration fades unless topped up regularly

A warm welcome from sunny London :)
I write this latest blog in light of a very inspiring weekend spent taking some time out from work in the beautiful English summer sun.
Just like we need fuel to top up our cars to make them run, and food to top up our energy levels to make us run we constantly need to be topping up our levels of inspiration.
[subscribelocker] Life and its many trials and tribulations can chip away at the inspiration levels of even the most highly of motivated people.
So how do we go about this? Well first we need to know what inspires us…that’s the first question…then we need to seek it out on a regular basis to ensure we keep our levels of inspiration and motivation high.
I can’t and wont tell you what should inspire you, this is very personal to you. But I will illustrate with my own personal example. As you will see on the picture above, I have spent some time down on the South Coast of England. I make it a habit to regularly head down to the coast to find my inspiration. As For me, and this is very personal to me, there is something awe inspiring about the ocean. It’s magnitude, it’s beauty, it’s power. I always come away from a day at the coast with a greater level of energy, more clarity and the increased drive to take on my greatest challenges. The ocean for me has the ability to turn even my greatest obstacles into more than achievable feats.
So I urge you to take time to top up your inspiration levels regularly as without them…our goals become that bit more difficult. Inspiration and motivation are the fuel that help you accomplish your goals and without topping them up they can all quickly wain.
Taking inspiration is a very personal thing but its impact on your action taking is universally beneficial. It may be something small but don’t underestimate it’s impact. I have come across many different ways people find inspiration, from beautiful works of art, to big cities, to people. Each in their own way, took inspiration and used it to fuel their future successes.
So if you haven’t already, find out what truly inspires you and work out a plan where you can regularly top yourself up for a longer term benefit.
The world offers us so much inspiration. Its costs little, but returns much.
To your success


  • Jorge

    I can tell you were inspired… Keep it up Tom! It’s always welcome!
    Cheers, Jorge

  • KF

    Thanks Tom… nice message.




  • Gavin Kingcome

    thanks Tom – nice message, and great reminder that time out is really important.

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