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How to lose weight and get in shape
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The KEY to getting and staying active – Do what you LOVE

The cliché of no pain no gain is used all too often in the fitness industry often accompanied by the symbolic image of a face in pain, with sweat dripping from the brow. 

Those poor people instructed on an exercise plan which, although is no doubt effective from a ‘sports science’ perspective, it lacks the ability to motivate an individual enough to sustain a programme for long enough to see the benefits. You will hear me mention in nearly every blog the word ‘sustainable’. I personally feel strongly that the sustainability of an exercise plan is paramount and more important than the scientific soundness. One of the key components of a sustainable plan is finding exercises, hobbies, sports and past times which you really enjoy. For me its boxing, I love everything about the training side of boxing and am like a kid in a candy store when I walk into a boxing gym with all the different equipment I can utilise in a workout. Yes it is a highly effective workout medium but the fact that I love it so much means that I continue to do it week in week out. I mix it up, to keep it fresh, but the boxing training remains at the core of my training. 

Now as the phrase goes, ‘’one man’s rubbish is another man’s gold’’ is very fitting with this article. What I love to do is certainly not everybody’s cup of tea. My girlfriend for example gets no satisfaction from boxing training, however she loves to dance and so that’s where her passion and love lies and this is what I encourage her to do. Not only will she get a wonderful full body workout from dance classes, she will finish with a smile looking forward to the next class.

So what is it for you? Some of you will know straight away, it could be hiking, it could be cycling or it could be trampolining. Whatever it is, if you love it you are more than likely to sustain it. Haven’t got a clue? Well try a few things, experiment, get feedback, and discover what excites you, what leaves you looking forward to the next time. Find your niche through trial and error, it will be worth the time and effort I can assure you that. You will no longer fear getting active, instead counting down the time until your next session.

Happy training :) 


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