Springboard | Take a time-out to focus on your why
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Take a time-out to focus on your why

time-outGreetings one and all,
I recently broke the 3 year mark of living in London and working as a full time trader and it scared me at not only how quickly it had passed but more importantly how I had become embroiled in the process of living life rather than focusing on why I was doing what I was doing.
[subscribelocker] 3 years ago I made large, key life changes. Why? Because I had a hunger and desire to become my own boss, have the freedom of choice in what I did, and live in one of the most exciting cities in the World, London. I am delighted to have made these things reality, but my why has become outdated.
I recently had to snap out of this hibernation like state I had gotten into. Ironically I had started to become uncomfortable with being comfortable. Over time, we naturally change. Our views on life, the things that motivate us, the way we want to live and if we don’t both identify and address this change we can be left deeply frustrated.
3 years on and I am a different person, with different why’s and because of these changes, needed a new adventure and new challenges to take me back outside my comfort zone. Positive change is good but we have to understand that alongside our personal change, we have to align our focus and action.
Life zooms past at million miles an hour and it is so easy to get caught up in the tidal flow, however it is essential to take time out to focus on why you do what you do and everything you are grateful for. This simple reflective process takes only a few minutes but you can draw significant energy, strength and perspective. It may even unearth a change of direction or focus for you. Whatever it is, it can really reinvigorate daily living.
So how can you make this a practical exercise? Simply ask yourself, is what you want from your life now the same as 12 months ago? If it isn’t then check to see if your current actions are aligned to achieving the new things you desire? For example, if one of the things you now desire is to live a healthier lifestyle then are you taking the necessary action – regular exercise, eating healthy, surrounding yourself with other fit peer group etc…Here, the WHY you are doing what you are doing aligns with your actions. However if your actions are misaligned with your goals, then you must ask yourself why are you doing what you do and more importantly what you need to change in order for them to do so?
Sometimes we can get hooked in to doing things just because it is the status quo. Forget about this and do what you truly want to do and don’t be too proud to admit that you and your outlook on life has changed.
But what about if you are struggling to find your why? This is absolutely possible and all the more reason to focus and reflect on what you are currently doing with your life. Reflect and find out what you want to do in the next 12 months and why you want to do it. This can be a truly liberating and motivational process, one that I did just prior to moving to London and was critical in helping me find the real purpose in my life. This is why I now make this a 6 monthly action, to ensure that the path I am walking is taking me in the right direction.
Have a great week


  • Kathryn Grassie

    Fantastic Tom! This is such a great post and something I am struggling with, as I have young children and trying to find a balance with looking after them and enjoying them and then forwarding my career is difficult. Your inspiration is always so welcome, so thank you.

  • Gavin Kingcome

    Thanks Tom, a great post to inspire and help one to keep moving forward. Many thanks.


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