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Start now to get the body you want for summer!

Hi there Springboarders,

It has been a pretty torrid winter here in the UK and this makes the summer months feel like a million miles away. However life moves at a pretty fast pace and before long, the warmer climate will be upon us and time for the annual holiday. And this get’s us to thinking about are we in the shape we want to be for summer? 

Ask any PT and they will confirm the same, we get an increase in requests for training sessions in May and June just prior to the school holidays and people getting ready to head oversea’s for some sunshine. However, even though we are pretty good at what we do, we sadly can’t just wave a magic wand and give our clients the body they want in 2 weeks. Yet if we plan ahead we can put a plan in place which can get us to our peak just in time for us donning the swim shorts or bikini at the beach! And there is no prouder feeling. As humans we are on the whole very vain and not only want to feel great but look great too. And there is absolutely no shame in that!

So starting ‘Operation beach body’ early means you can not only give yourself ample time for your body to change but it also means you don’t have to go on any unhealthy extreme diet or training plan. Intensity can be built up gradually with an approach that is sustainable all the way up to you boarding that plane. 

So I provide below the 3 key things you will need to do in order to get in tip top shape. It isn’t rocket science but it will work brilliantly if followed: 

1. Plan your training programme 

This will depend on how much time you have before you go on holiday but my advice is to start gradually. I would suggest training 2 times a week initially. Go with what you enjoy, if that is running go for a run, if it is cycling go for a cycle, if it is boxing go hit the bag. 

Once you feel your sessions getting easier (as the body adapts) look to increase both the frequency and intensity of what you are doing. Simply put – run, cycle or box harder and longer. There are many ways to measure intensity but a good guide is to base it on your perceived exertion. 1 being no intensity at all, 10 being flat out. Use this to measure your progression. 4 weeks at level 5/6 (2 sessions per week), 4 weeks at 6/7 (3 sessions per week) and 4 weeks at 8/9 (4 sessions per week) is a good guide to follow. 

Struggling for time to fit in your workout’s? If you want fantastic fat loss results with a limited time commitment try reading this article here for some Tabata inspiration. It is a very efficient way to burn fat and increase general fitness and only takes 5 minutes. We can all spare this 2-3 times a week so no excuses! 

 2. Plan your nutritional programme 

The exercise you do in part 1 will naturally burn extra calories but to really speed up your fat loss, you will need the right nutrition. But what is the ‘right nutrition’? With the media being littered with so many articles on what is good or bad for you, it has become near impossible for consumers to know how to best fuel themselves. My general instruction is to follow advice provided by the NHS. Their EATWELL plate is a great guide for following a balanced diet and obtaining the right amount of each food group. 

Remember that as well as eating a balance of different food groups, it is also absolutely critical to eat the right amount/quantity of food for your energy needs. Eating too much or too little can really hamper your results. To know exactly how many calories you will need, and how to create a healthy deficit for fat loss, go and read my article HERE

Get the training and the nutrition right and you have the perfect formula for getting into the shape of your life and just in time for Summer. Start now and there is a good 3 months to progress and with consistent effort there is no reason why you cannot be a stone lighter by the time the holiday season comes around. 

 3. Action both of the above 

Now knowledge is power ONLY when knowledge comes alongside action. I write my blogs purely to help inspire action. However, if nothing is done, nothing will change. We must give our bodies reason to change. If you do, you will be amazed with how the body adapts for the better. Not just on the outside, but all the good it will do on the inside too. 

If you find that lack of action has been your stumbling block, for whatever reason, then I am here to help. My specialty is not really in fitness, it’s more in having the ability to motivate, inspire and guide people into action so they obtain the results they desire. I am motivated by being part of a positive change in people’s lives and that’s why I do what I do, as cheesy as it may sound! 

So, if you have that ideal picture of you in your mind (we all have it!), looking and feeling at your very best this summer, but you just need that little push in the right direction then click on the tab below and drop me a note. 

Contact Me Here

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