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Olympic Dedication

Welcome back!
It’s been a few months since my last post, trading, travelling and multiple projects I have been working on has taken its toll on my blogging but I am back with hopefully some more useful material for the next several months!
So today provided me with some real inspiration. I had the fortune to pop down to Green Park to catch some of the Olympic triathlon. As the athletes passed on their bikes it struck me that in order to get to the top of your game, any game, you have to be absolutely dedicated to it. No half measures, full dedication. These guys have been working for 4 years to get to an event which is over in less than 2 hours. Incredible when you think about the blood, sweat and tears that went into achieving the end goal, competing in the Olympics and ideally winning a medal.
[subscribelocker] Dedication doesn’t have to be hours and hours everyday. In trading and most pursuits it’s all about doing little and often so that you are steadily moving towards your goals. I see all to often, in many of the students I teach, this belief that they can simply become a professional and expert trader in a week! Nothing in life is so simple, but most things can be achieved with dedication. Reading up on the winner of the Gold medal today, a young chap called Alistair Brownlee, I discovered that his build up didn’t come without challenge having tore his Achilles at the start of the year. What incredible bouncebackability and mental strength (see earlier blogs)! But dedication will ensure that you overcome the inevitable road bumps along the way.
You really do see the same characteristics in all the most successful people in life including sportsmen and women, traders and businessmen alike. So wouldn’t you think we simply have to replicate these characteristics in order to achieve success? Absolutely. Many people say that successful people are born with talent and certain abilities which give them a higher likelihood of being successful. This I am sure is true to a certain extent, but I have never been particularly gifted in any specific area, however have achieved many of my goals through dedication alone. I personall feel that through dedication, you start to become brilliant at what you are doing and then people start to accuse you of being ‘naturally gifted’!
However many people take on too many things at the same time, and become the ‘jack of all trades’. My advice is to focus on 1 or 2 things you really want to achieve and do them brilliantly. Commit and dedicate yourself to them and allow time to become a master of them. Never expect it to happen overnight as you are simply setting yourself up for a fall.
If you can spend anything between 6-18 months dedicating yourself to becoming brilliant at any one thing then you will reap the benefits. Dedicating small amounts of time each day, BUT applying this time EVERY DAY will enable you consistently evolve into the master of your chosen field. Duck and dive into many different pursuits and you will be forever wondering why nothing ever got achieved and wondering why so many people, other than yourself, have that ‘natural gift’. This gift boils down to one thing, dedication to becoming the very best you can be at something.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I am glad it wasn’t as we probably wouldn’t be in a position to admire the beauty of what many years of development created.
To your long term success.


  • Mick Blacker

    Hi Tom.
    Brilliant as always.


  • Jorge

    As usual, so true!
    Keep up the great advice… You can never ‘listen’ to it enough.


  • piers@thecolvers.com

    Hi Tom, delighted to have you back – your blog offers something different from others I follow, it’s like life coaching with a trading twist, and I’m a big fan! You have helped me get some perspective at a few key moments, and for that I thank you. Just please don’t leave it so long until your next instalment,,!!

    Kind regards,


  • Nic

    Great post Tom!! Very inspirational! I am currently reading the book “Think and grow rich” which mentions exactly what u wrote in this post (not the Olympics part :D ). If we want to become great, we need to desire it, have faith and work hard to achieve it. Never giving up no matter how tough things get!!!

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  • Craig

    Hey Tom,

    New to your blog. Very insightful. I’ve just finished reading a book called Bounce by Matthew Syed which has quite a large section on the concept of putting in the hours in order to become great at anything. All rings true in any walk of life.

  • David Vine

    Hi Tom

    Back reading your blogs.
    On a lighter note, although quite relavent, Rome wasn’t built in a day becuase my wife wasn’t the foreman.

    Motivation sometimes needs a motivator to share the ups and support the downs.



    • tfranklin

      Totally agree Dave, completely relevant.

      We can self motivate but our positive circle of influence is critical to our overall motivation


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