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How to prevent exercise from becoming boring?

Variety is the spice of life and this quote doesn’t get any more real than with getting active and sustaining it. Variety can come in many forms such as varying your exercise type (running, walking, skipping, dancing), your exercise intensity, even varying your exercise partner. However there is one variety which helps me the most when it comes to helping me avoid boredom, keep motivated and inspired. This is variety of LOCATION.

Making the simple change of mixing up WHERE you train can pay massive dividends in regards to you enjoying and thus sustaining your exercise / activity programme. I used to hit the same old gym floor, run the same old route jogging, cycle the same old journey and you end up becoming stale both mentally and inevitably physically too. Using new locations will freshen things up mentally and physically and give the important motivation and inspiration levels a good top up. This is especially true if you carefully select the locations. For me I love the buzz of the City, it energises and motivates me and gives me things to look at to take my mind off my exercise. For others it’s the beach, a river, a local park. It really doesn’t matter where, just find somewhere inspiring to you and have it as part of your exercise itinerary. The world is a stunning place and no matter where we live, we can find locations which can be our greatest inspiration and motivation. If we fail to constantly top up our motivation and inspiration levels they will eventually deplete into what is normally the conclusion of our training/activity programme. 

So take some time right now to think of all the locations in your area where you have been before which have been both inspirational settings and motivational places and write them down until you have between 5-10. This gives you the ability to rotate between them every time you need that burst of energy to keep you on track when things get a little challenging. I now work out in regular gyms, boxing gyms, run through the City of London, along the Thames path, head down to the South Coast to exercise on the beach at sunset or sunrise…the list is endless…and inevitably gives me that huge amount of variety in my location to go alongside the variety in many other aspects of my training to keep me wanting more…

So only one thing for it…go get inspired…!

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