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How is your mental metal?

Walking home after a long day at work I deliberated over whether I was to make it to my regular Monday night session at the gym. I felt lethargic and drained after a mixed day of trading. It was a constant battle with myself to determine whether I had the mental metal and strength of character to overcome that lazy voice screaming for me to head home for a nice cup of tea in front of the television.

[subscribelocker] Now this constant battle with your inner voice has a critical outcome on all of life’s endeavors…going to the gym, pushing for that promotion, taking a risk, asking a girl out on a date etc….many opt for the easy way out and fall victim to the comfortable life. Whenever I come across this internal conflict I visualize myself after the event. For example, I know how great I feel both mentally and physically after my boxing, so I called upon that satisfying feeling to get me to the gym and do you know what? I sit here, writing this blog feeling pumped and delighted that when my mental metal was tested, I succeeded. There was no doubt I was physically up to it, having been sat down all day…It was in fact my mental state which made me feel tired so I had to re-wire my thoughts to give me energy, not sap it away.

Take yourself back to a time when you overcame your inner voice t0 achieve something great. It may have been presenting to an audience, asking a beautiful girl/guy out, learning a new skill, placing your first trade….and remember that immense sense of satisfaction that you got when you overcame your fear. Use that feeling whenever you are in a position of internal conflict and use it to push you over the finish line, whatever you may be doing.

I personally believe passionately that nothing great is achieved when living in your comfort zone, so take yourself out of it (yes it may feel uncomfortable and scary at first) but after the event you will feel brilliant.

Take all great opportunities life has to throw at you and look back with pleasure, no matter how large or small these may be.



  • Jason


    I really appreciate this post. I struggle with the same internal battle, as we all do. It is nice to hear someone else’s interpretation of how to overcome those thoughts which hold us back.

  • jitendra

    great one


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