Springboard | Highly effective workouts in less than 5 minutes...
Highly effective workouts in less than 5 minutes...
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Highly effective workouts in less than 5 minutes…

You can fit a workout into the busiest of schedules. No excuses!

You can fit a workout into the busiest of schedules. No excuses!

I wanted to hit my first fitness blog head on so no time like the present! And no better place to start than showing you all that you can obtain incredible health/fitness/fat loss results without spending hours working out. It can be over in less than 4 minutes per session! So I can no longer accept the ”I have no time to train” excuse! Of course, don’t expect results to happen overnight or in just one session, but certainly after several weeks of consistent sessions (2-3 a week), you will start to see and feel the positive effects.
[subscribelocker] Now it is a major misconception I come across in the fitness domain (and one I personally held for a long time) that you need to do long, arduous training sessions to get any form of results. Well unless you are an elite athlete, this couldn’t be further from the truth and when I came to this realisation it did wonders for my own results and it can do exactly the same for you. Think about it, if you know that your session can be over and done with in 4 minutes, how much more motivated will you be to do it? And how much easier will it be to squeeze into your busy schedule? I used to dread the thought of an hour long session after a long day at work and this inevitably left me terribly inconsistent with my plan and of course my results. I take this same approach with my trading and it works wonders, I spend 30 minutes each evening trading rather than 6 hours every day. This is a sustainable, effective approach which utilises the power of doing things smarter, not harder.
I was introduced to the training format of TABATA about a year and a half ago. Tabata has been around for quite some time, but has only just started to arrive into the mainstream fitness channels and is starting to pick up huge popularity purely because of how quickly and how effectively you can complete a workout.
Tabata is interval based high intensity training developed in Japan by Izumi Tabata. With Tabata intervals, any exercise can be incorporated which makes it incredibly versatile and adaptable to everyone. However before we explore that let’s just outline the basic Tabata training method:
•     4 minutes long (whole Tabata Session)

•     20 seconds of intense training

•     10 seconds of rest

•     Total of 8 sessions or rounds
(To determine your intensity use a scale of 1-10 with 1 being no effort at all and 10 being all out effort. The intense section should be around 7/8 and the rest around 2/3. The rest period is ‘active rest’ you keep doing the exercise but at a very low intensity so you can recover.)
Depending on your level of fitness, you can do almost any type of exercise, in any location. I personally enjoy boxing Tabata and spin bike Tabata. Only yesterday, I was on the spin bike for approximately 12 minutes (I now do 3 sets of 4 minutes) and I was dripping with sweat. Incredible results in such a short time. Maximum effectiveness, minimum time.

Maximum effectiveness, minimum time!

Maximum effectiveness, minimum time!

I have worked up to being able to maintain a reasonable level of fitness so I can push myself hard but if I was a beginner I would simply start by using the Tabata concept with just walking (20 second fast walk then 10 second slow walk etc…) until a safe foundation of  fitness has been built, providing the platform to move to more intense mediums of exercise. You don’t need a gym or any expensive or complicated equipment, and you can do it anywhere you wish.
The intensity is the critical element with Tabata. If you don’t push yourself during those 20 seconds then you won’t get the results you want. You MUST get the body’s engine working to spike your metabolism, burning those all important calories. And because of the level of intensity (in comparison to a longer moderate paced run) your body has to work harder to maintain its homeostasis / balance and this again burns calories which ultimately helps us to shift any excess fat we may be storing.
It is this element of Tabata which I LOVE, the fact that you continue to burn calories long AFTER you have finished your session. Because you have spiked your metabolism, the body has to work overtime to bring it back down to a normal level and research has shown that this could be up to 24-48 hours after exercise. The science behind this is fascinating but to keep things simple, this concept is known as the afterburn effect and something I will be talking about more in future blogs.
So to summarise, Tabata is an extremely versatile training method for all levels of fitness which can provide you with an exercise medium completed in 4 minutes, be incorporated into the busiest of diaries, yet provide huge fitness benefits not only during exercise but for many hours after. As a trader I am always looking for the best return on my investment, and in the fitness world, Tabata is one of the best training investments you can make.
So only time now for you to go and get a sweat on :)
Keep posted for even more powerful information to improve your training and trading.
P.S. Always ensure you warm up prior to exercise, and warm down afterwards.
P.P.S A great tool for this style of training is a ‘Tabata Timer’ which you can get for free as an app download to your smartphone


  • Naty

    Thanks for your valuable sharing…

  • Alex

    Excellent blog, Tom. I was interested to the after-burn effect that you mentioned in the blog. Where can I get some reliable info? Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • tfranklin

      Hello Alex,

      Ever since I learnt about The after-burn effect/EPOC it has been something I aim for whenever I train. It is strange thing for me to say, but after a very intense training session, I can literally feel my body working overtime to repair itself and regain normal functioning. This can be nothing other than the afterburn effect. If I can spike my metabolism effectively during my training session I can look to burn calories on autopilot for up to 48 hours afterwards. Excellent :)

      If you are looking for some more information, try this article http://www.ideafit.com/fitness-library/exercise-after-burn-0 it gets a bit heavy on the detail at times, but has some very interesting insights. If you have any questions regarding the article, or in general, please ask.



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