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Health before Wealth…

healthwealthDear Springboarders,

I hope my blog finds you in good festive spirit as we head into the final month of 2013.
You will have no doubt noticed that the majority of my blogs have been related to trader psychology to help us make more money and better wealth over the long term. However, there is one thing that will ALWAYS come before my wealth generation and this is my health.
[subscribelocker] For me, the holy grail is combining good health with good wealth so we can really enjoy the fruits of our labour. I see all to often, people sacrificing their health to chase the buck but this often comes with having to pay the highest price possible.
For those of you who know me, you will be well aware that I am extremely passionate about keeping fit and healthy. What you may not be aware of is the fact that I am a fully qualified L3 Personal Trainer. And I am going to be using this experience, expertise and passion to provide blogs on health related topics which I hope will help to not only educate but also inspire you to the next level on a fitness basis.
Good health for me is the true springboard to improvements in so many aspects of our lives, not just the tangible benefits on our body. With better health and fitness comes more energy and more productivity to take on the toughest of life’s challenges and come out on top.
And where does good health and fitness stem from? Psychology again! It’s our attitude to health and fitness that determines whether we want to put the ‘action’ part in to get the ‘results’. And then when we decide to embark on any kind of fitness programme/plan, its our psychology which keeps us going…discipline , motivation, self control etc…(see article http://springboardyourself.wordpress.com/2013/06/29/be-disciplined-with-your-discipline/)
I truly believe that most of my successes in life have boiled down to the extraordinary amount of energy you feel as a by-product of eating well and doing regular exercise. It gives you that strength both physically and mentally to push yourself further and harder than you can even imagine. I have loads of great content to share with you over the next few months that have personally helped me and my PT clients establish a great level of sustainable fitness that fits within even the busiest of schedules.
So the plan going forward for the blog is to do around 2-4 updates a week, half centered around health and half relating to wealth to provide the impetus for fitness improvements in not just ourselves but also our finances as we head towards the excitement and optimism of a new year.
Until the next blog,
Best wishes


  • Kathryn Grassie

    Hi Tom, thank you for this, and I have always admired your enthusiasm and huge drive! I am a bit older than you (;-) and have striven to be fit and healthy since I was 18 years old, and this has definitely paid off, and my determination and results are getting batter as I get older! Some things come more naturally to oneself than others, and for me, learning to trade has been a very hard journey, perhaps because of my association with money that I am not aware of. I am determined to become consistent at this, but this is proving a lot harder than I anticipated, even though I have put huge effort in, and the difference here is that I cannot control the markets, but I can control what I eat and the exercise I take, so although I agree with what you say, some things will always remain harder to achieve than others.

    • tfranklin

      Hello Kath,

      Lovely to hear from you :)

      I totally agree that the markets are not under our control, what is most important is that we can control how we approach the markets. And with good money management we can still make good growth even with being wrong half the time (I have a 50% success rate). But I will never say learning to trade is easy, but nothing worthwhile doing ever is. You have the right attitude to succeed at trading and everyday is just another chance to learn and improve.

      It’s great to hear that you too are passionate and motivated about your fitness, and good health is the best investment we will ever make.

      Keep the belief, always have perspective, and reward yourself for how far you have come from when trading first began for you. Finish December strongly and there is no reason why 2014 can’t be the year you really crack your trading.


      p.s. Age is just a number and as the old phrase goes ”you are only as old as you feel” and by the sounds of things that’s pretty good ;)


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