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Inspiring blogs to help you springboard your health and wellbeing

Take Yourself Higher

Be disciplined with your discipline!

Hello Springboarders,   A warm welcome from sunny South Africa. I have had the pleasure this past week to head back out to a country and continent I am very fond of (as you can probably tell from the previous blogs!) to teach some students…

Top up your inspiration levels!

Hello,   A warm welcome from sunny London   I write this latest blog in light of a very inspiring weekend spent taking some time out from work in the beautiful English summer sun.   Just like we need fuel to top up our cars…

Create ever lasting memories…

Hello Springboarders!   I hope my latest blog finds you fine and dandy.   I was rummaging through a few old photos recently and came across the one you find above. This is a photo taken minutes after running the London Marathon back in 2008…

Olympic Dedication

Welcome back!   It’s been a few months since my last post, trading, travelling and multiple projects I have been working on has taken its toll on my blogging but I am back with hopefully some more useful material for the next several months!  …

Are you prepared to sacrifice?

Looking back at all major achievements, not only my own, but those of others, great sacrifices need to be made. Many people wont sacrifice short term, for long term gain, and sadly never achieve their goals or true potential. One of my goals growing up…

How is your mental metal?

Walking home after a long day at work I deliberated over whether I was to make it to my regular Monday night session at the gym. I felt lethargic and drained after a mixed day of trading. It was a constant battle with myself to determine whether…

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