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Be disciplined with your discipline!

ImageHello Springboarders,
A warm welcome from sunny South Africa. I have had the pleasure this past week to head back out to a country and continent I am very fond of (as you can probably tell from the previous blogs!) to teach some students how to trade the world financial markets.
[subscribelocker] One of the key arts of successful trading is having self discipline as we need to follow the rules we are set to get the results we desire. However, it never is as easy as that, when being disciplined there are normally powers (both internal and external) that are working to break us down and to break our discipline! Emotions, our peer group, our inner voice, work, family…life in general is there to test the discipline of even the strongest willed!
Now, discipline is not just a trait unique to trading, it is something that can aid us hugely across many aspects of life. As you will know by now, I am very fond of keeping myself fit to ensure that I have the good health and energy to take on life to its fullest. Its also something I consider more important than the money I make trading. Why you may ask? Well what is wealth without health? Exactly. This is why I like to work on improving both simultaneously.
I have recently learnt, to my detriment, how ill discipline can undo months of hard work of discipline, in a few short days. Prior to my trip to SA, I had followed my fitness plan to the book and had got to a level where I was extremely proud. However, roll on 10 days of living out of a hotel, I have let my discipline slip somewhat drastically!
Beer, burgers and the odd walk past the gym (not into it) and I feel like having made several steps forward I have now moved several steps back. So whats to blame? ME, and only me. I could have eaten better, I could have drunk less alcohol and I could have gone to the hotel gym more. I let myself down due to poor self discipline.
So this trait is something extremely powerful and most certainly with trading and keeping fit, my 2 passions. The results speak for themselves and when you get to see evidence of how powerful this trait is, for the good and the bad, like I have done recently, you can see why it is well worth working on each and every single day. The diversity in results you can achieve, or not achieve are incredible.
Discipline is extremely hard, with all the aforementioned forces trying to break you down. However the satisfaction you get when you are able to overcome these pressures, when you are rewarded with the results, is worthy of all the hard work.
I have taken this week as feedback for myself to improve my self discipline and for the next trip out to South Africa I intend to plan better to ensure the same scenario doesn’t happen and I am able to both have fun, and maintain my fitness at the same time.
So let’s get disciplined with our discipline. I have seen this week just how damaging on our goals not having it can be. This trait, which we can transfer to almost every area of our lives, can literally make or break success in various endeavors, especially so in trading and keeping fit.
Wishing you a wonderful and highly disciplined weekend :)


  • Moses


  • julio

    I cannot agree more with it, those are my 2 passions too! ;)) Enjoy SA matey.

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