Springboard | Are you prepared to sacrifice?
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Are you prepared to sacrifice?

Looking back at all major achievements, not only my own, but those of others, great sacrifices need to be made. Many people wont sacrifice short term, for long term gain, and sadly never achieve their goals or true potential.

One of my goals growing up was to play semi professional football at the highest level possible and to run the London Marathon sub 4hours. Both big feat’s in their own right but something that I had no reservation about achieving so long as I committed fully to them and made the sacrifices necessary to achieve them.

[subscribelocker] With my football I managed to play at Tier 8 of 23 of the football pyramid….only 7 below the Premier League. I was paid good money to play the game I loved, I played in major national competitions including the FA Cup and FA Trophy and played around the country against some of the toughest professional and semi professional sides, sometimes in-front of several thousand fans. I can look back with pride at the accomplishment and the satisfaction that I carved out my own opportunities through pure dedication, hard work and continuously being outside of my comfort zone.

With the London Marathon, I crossed the finish line in 3 hours 36 minutes, 24 mintues under my target time. This may not seem like a long time, but the 9 months of training that went into this prepared me accordingly for the main event, giving myself the best chance of achieving my goal.

With both examples, I had to make some large sacrifices along the way to ensure that nothing was to inhibit my plan. I sacrificed fun nights out with friends to avoid the temptation of alcohol, I had to sacrifice the type’s of food I liked eating to ensure I stuck to a rigid diet plan, I even closed off relationships in order to have full focus on my goals. Difficult decisions to make but decisions which were absolutely key to goal accomplishment.

The same goes in business and in life generally, you need to make big decisions that allow you to achieve the path you want. These decisions can cause pain and short term stress but it is a small part of the bigger picture and the long term gain.

Speak to anyone you personally see as successful in business or sport and they will tell you all about the sacrifices they made along the way.

It comes back to the point in an earlier blog, how much mental metal and substance do you have to combat the short term pain of making sacrifices. If the desire to accomplish outweighs your fear of pain then you have nothing to hold you back. If you are still sitting in your comfort zone, still not yet ready to dip your toe into the unknown then work hard at overcoming the fear and believe me the sense of personal satisfaction you will get is immense.

Have a great week.



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